25 MAY 2024

No Justice, No Peace: Duke University’s Failed Racial Reckoning Four Years Since the Murder of George Floyd, Jr.

This joint statement, written by a group of Black and Brown Duke students and faculty, marks four years since the murder of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on May 25, 2020. The statement, cosigned by six faculty, staff and student groups, including Duke Academics and Staff for Justice in Palestine, makes connections between continuing violence against Black communities and larger systems of oppression and makes a series of demands of Duke University.

7 MAY 2024

Duke Academics and Staff for Justice in Palestine: Against Campus Militarization and Repression

On May 4, 1970, the Ohio National Guard killed four Kent State students and injured nine who were protesting, along with students nationwide, the US government’s decision to escalate its war on Vietnam by invading Cambodia.  Eleven days later, on May 15, 1970, police killed two students from Jackson State College in Mississippi and injured 12 others near another anti-war protest, using a racialized “law and order” state-sponsored violence logic that in our times flies under the flag of “safety and security.”
text: We condemn the militarization of campuses and repression of students, faculty, and staff demanding an end to the US-Supported Israeli genocide of Palestinians, disclosure and divestment from Israel, and re-investment in our communities. background photo of police brutality at UNC Gaza solidarity encampment

22 APRIL 2024

Duke University Academics and Staff for Justice in Palestine Stands with Gaza Solidarity Encampments

Duke University Academics and Staff for Justice in Palestine condemns the intensified repression of students at Columbia and Barnard and stands in solidarity with encampments and demands to end institutional complicities with Israeli genocide and occupation.


The Duke University Faculty for Justice stands in solidarity with those fighting for anti-colonial liberation, including the freedom struggle in Palestine

We write as teachers and scholars of imperialist histories, ongoing wars, global freedom and decolonization movements and their lasting impact in our world today. We write in mourning, in grief, and in anguish over the current War in Gaza which has taken the lives of Palestinians, Israelis, United Nations workers, journalists, and others.