Events & Actions

Southern Workers Assembly May Day Rally & March

May 1, 2024

The Southern Workers Assembly gathered on May Day, May 1, 2024, for a rally and march through Durham, NC, to announce a new labor campaign. Members of Duke ASJP and Duke Graduate Union spoke at the gates to Duke’s East Campus, a stop along the march route, where the workers’ march was denied access to campus by Duke University Police. Workers’ demands include $25/hr minimum for all workers, affordable housing, an annual payment from Duke University to the City of Durham, an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, and Durham’s divestment from businesses tied to Israel.

The May Day event was covered by Indy Week and The Chronicle.

Triangle Gaza Solidarity Encampment

April 26–30, 2024

The Triangle Gaza Solidarity Encampment was established at Polk’s Place, UNC-Chapel Hill, on April 26, 2024, as a joint regional universities effort led by UNC Students for Justice in Palestine. Police forces, in coordination with the university administration, demolished the encampment in the early hours of April 30, arresting dozens of participants. The encampment included many dimensions, such as teach-ins, films, rallies, marches, cooking, art, prayer, and community meals. Students, faculty, and community protesters were twice violently brutalized by police from across the state. Arrestees included UNC and Duke students, many of whom were suspended, kicked out of dorms, withdrawn from classes, and lost their stipends and healthcare.

Duke Academics and Staff for Justice in Palestine established a community fundraiser that raised $50,000 to support arrested students.

The Triangle Gaza Solidarity Encampment was covered by Indy Week.

Stop Scholasticide, Ceasefire Now Event

March 1, 2024

Duke ASJP organized a “Stop Scholasticide, Ceasefire Now” event that began with a march on East Campus and concluded with a rally on West Campus on March 1, 2024. Stop Scholasticide marked and grieved Israel’s killing of thousands of Palestinian academics, educators, and students, and the destruction of every university in Gaza during the Israeli aggression and genocide that intensified after October 7, 2023.

The Stop Scholasticide, Ceasefire Now event was covered by The Chronicle